CoolDown Anniversary Expansion Patch Notes

New Menu and New Cooking Recipes.

  • Introducing Salads!

We listened to players’ feedback and we’re now adding much requested new menu items – salads. They are mostly without any meat… which is slightly underwhelming.

  • Introducing Grilled sausages!

Nothing goes better with beer, which we already have plenty of, than a nice grilled sausage. So now we are offering a selection of sausages to delight your taste buds. Enjoy!

Removed from the game: Memberberry burger. The memberberries decided to run away. We will ‘member them fondly.

  • Inctroducing New burger recipes:

The King, Eggscalibur, Chicken Invaders and Cow & Chicken are joining the permanent burger roster. Our Chef has spoken!

Bar menu revamp!

Over time players have requested different types of alcohol to be added to the menu, and we did.

Now it’s time to update the Bar Spellbook with all the potions and concoctions we’ve experimented with over the past months.

After careful consideration, we increased the number of the poorly represented category from 2 cocktails to 5!!! Alcohol lovers rejoice.

  • Introducing MORE DOTS! I mean MORE SHOTS!

Now we have shots for solo players, parties and raids. The bigger the better, the more the merrier (and cheaper… and tipsier).


Fixed a bug, where the Health and Mana potions were served in glasses instead of proper potion flasks. Now the potions will look like potions. We buffed the potion effects, so now they restore 60% life or mana respectively.

New Board Game Category

  • Introducing Drinking Games!

Sometimes you want to do less thinking and more drinking? This category is just for you. Disclaimer: Drinks are not included. You just buy drinks and start playing. No fees for booking the drinking games!

Perfect for celebrations, birthdays, parties, heartache or any occasion you can think of.

Website launch –

We also launched our website. If you want to check out our new menu or what games we have, prices or want to learn more about CoolDown and our team, simply visit the website.

Theme music nights:

We read the feedback and we listened, from now on, every Sunday we will be playing gaming music, so you can immerse yourselves.

Eco-friendly packs

We do not do deliveries yet, but you can pick up food from our menu in our Eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable packs!


New Reputation System (Coming really soon, not Blizzard soon):

Gain reputation with CoolDown, complete daily quests, earn rewards and permanent discounts on our entire menu!