CoolDown Reputation and Quests

What is CoolDown Pub Reputation?

The reputation system is a way for us to reward loyal customers for supporting our local business and helping us stay open.

What is a Quest Card?

The quest card is how you track your Reputation progress. Each Quest Card has 30 slots for stamps. You can earn 1 stamp per day, by simply ordering a drink or food, consider it a daily quest.  You can also earn additional stamps for attending events to speed up your reputation gain.

Quest Card FrontQuest Card Back

What are the reputation rewards?

Every row complete with stamps gives you a reward – either a free soft drink or a small draft beer.

You can recognize when you are entitled for a reward by this icon – Reward

Every 10 stamps you collect will unlock a chest reward and you level up your reputation. You not only receive the reward but you also unlock PERMANENT Discount card!

You know you leveled up by chest icon –

What if I don’t want a free drink?

You can instead exchange your reward for 1 hour free on our consoles or 30 minutes free VR.

Can I claim my reward at a later time?

Yes, you can. We track both the Quests and the Rewards, your reward will be marked as claimed once you get it.

Do discounts stack?

Discounts DO NOT stack. The biggest discount always applies.

What are the discount cards?

The discount card visually indicates the discount and your reputation level: