Q: What is CoolDown?
A: We are a proper Beer Hall. We have over 60 types of bottled beer and up to 4 types of draft beer.

Q: Do you serve food?
A: Yes. Yes, we do. We make fresh and delicious cook-to-order salads, burgers, and appetizers.

Q: Do you make deliveries?
A: Yes, we do. You can order juicy burgers, fresh salads, and crispy sides from Takeaway and Glovo:

Q: I want to play a board game, is there a fee?
A: You can book our board games for 5 BGN. You can play as long as you want and swap the game for a different one as many times as you want.

Q: Can I bring my own board game and do I have to pay something if I do?
A: Of course you can! And no, you don’t have to pay us anything if you bring your own game.

Q: I want to play on the PS/XBOX/Table Football, what is the rate?
A: The PS, XBOX, Foosbal tables tied to your purchases from the bar (food and drinks).

  • Without consumption from the bar or consumption below 10 BGN the fee is 4 BGN per hour.
  • When you buy food and drinks for at least 10 BGN you get 1 hour free.

Q: How much is the VR?
A: The VR is a flat rate of 8 BGN per hour.

Q: Can I bring my own laptop/PC and play at CoolDown?
A: Of course you can! Some of the tables are specifically arranged so you can bring and play on your own devices!

Q: What music do you play at CoolDown?
A: We’re not committed to any specific music genre. Mostly we play rock, metal and from time to time pop music.

Q: Do you play chalga?
A: NO!

Q: Do you have FIFA or UFC?
A: No. Those games have been banned and removed permanently.