Our Story

CoolDown Gaming Pub opened it’s doors on September 19th, 2019 and we’ve been going strong ever since. We are a local self-funded business and proud of it.

Cooldown was founded by a few passionate gamers, with a dream to  create a relaxed, judgement-free place where people can practice their gaming hobbies and enjoy a pleasant evening with friends. 


Our Team

CoolDown is so much more than just a place. What makes it special is the team of young, ambitious and skilled gamers. Each of us is a professional with years of experience in our respective fields.  We are especially lucky we managed to overcome all the challenges thrown at us and to stay together since the beginning.

Kiss Kiss Bang Stab

Val and Al

They’ve been together for over 8 years and opening a Hub for gamers has been their dream.

Val is the Game Master and young manager of CoolDown with experience in guest-care in her parents family hotel at the Black Sea. She’s been a fan of the Witcher before it was mainstream and is a top-end raider in WoW (and yes, she’s playing Horde). She also loves reading fantasy books in the little spare time she has.

Al’s parents made the mistake of introducing him to gaming at a very young age, when they opened one of the first Arcades in Burgas, Bulgaria. His earliest game-related memory is how at the age of 5 he bit off the cable of the Atari joystick, because his older brother and cousin didn’t let him play. No wonder his favorite game quote is “Justice demands retribution.”